Preparing for Surgery

Once you have had your appointment with your plastic surgeon and wish to go ahead with surgery, consider the following:

1. If you are not sure

If you are uncertain about the surgery, feel free to contact us to arrange an additional appointment. Alternatively, consider speaking to your family doctor about your situation or seek a second opinion – after all, surgery is a choice and it is important that you feel comfortable in the care of your surgeon and team.

2. Financials

Check that you understand the anticipated costs provided to you, and always check with your private health insurer that your private health cover includes the planned procedures where applicable. We can provide expected item numbers that represent the planned surgery to help.

3. Consider your anaesthetic choice

While this is often obvious, some procedures may be performed under local anaesthetic which allows a quicker recovery. Equally you may be more comfortable being asleep (sedation or general anaesthesia) – please let us know if your preference is different to that initially arranged. This may mean adjusting the procedure time and change in estimated costs.

4. Consider your hospital choice

This may be obvious, for example when having skin cancer surgery under local anaesthetic at our on-site Central Day Surgery. However, when sedation or general anaesthesia is required, there may be other options. Please feel comfortable asking about this if you are uncertain.

5. Consider transport and support
  • Under local anaesthetic, you will almost always be able to drive to Central Day Surgery and home.
  • When you are having sedation or general anaesthesia, you will need a support person to drive you home and also to care for you on the evening of your surgery (if day surgery) just in case you have a funny turn or need extra support.
6. Prepare at home

Your surgeon will explain to you if any additional rest is required. Listen carefully to this advice, and allow your body the necessary time to recover from surgery. This may mean preparing meals, planning any jobs (such as shopping or cleaning) prior to surgery, or asking for extra help from family and friends.

7. On the day
  • Have a shower before your surgery
  • Follow any instructions provided, particularly about changes in medications such as blood-thinners
  • Bring any last-minute questions that you wish to ask the surgeon or team.
8. If in hospital overnight, remember to bring
  • Bring toiletries, your usual medications and personal items (like reading glasses, hearing aids or C-PAP machines).
  • Please leave valuables at home
  • Bring emergency contact details.
9. If in hospital overnight
  • Follow the instructions of the surgeon and nursing team who are doing their best to help you recover safely
  • Take medications as directed, but feel comfortable to question things if something doesn’t seem right
  • Take it easy and get moving again under the direction of the nursing staff
  • If you have questions, please ask – the nursing staff are great at helping you.
10. Your recovery
  • Please follow the written and verbal instructions provided to you. Your surgeon has thought carefully about these and individualised them for your situation to give you the best chance for a trouble-free recovery
  • Keep your planned follow-up appointments
  • Keep an eye on your surgical wound area – if something is amiss, please contact the surgeon on the phone numbers provided on your post-operative information sheet
  • Eat and drink healthily: your body needs this to repair itself
  • Be positive and proactive.

Finally, let us know if there is anything we can do better – it may be some information that would have made a difference, or an additional bit of care – we love to hear your ideas.

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Please be aware that all surgical procedures require a consultation with our plastic surgeons to allow a thorough assessment and discussion of your specific needs.

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