New Patient Information

Your appointment with a plastic surgeon at Plastic Surgery Central is the gateway to exploring how we can help you – with your cosmetic concern, skin cancer or other plastic surgery procedure.

Please contact us to make a new appointment.
When you call to make an appointment, our staff will ask you some basic details from you including your email address. Our team will send you electronic versions of:

  • our patient registration form (this includes your Medicare and private health details)
  • any additional information relevant to you prior to your consultation.

Please ensure you take time to complete the registration form and email it back to us before your appointment date to save you time (or bring it on the day if you prefer).

Usually your referring doctor will send your referral to us electronically, but if you have been given a hard copy, please bring this with you to your appointment. You will need to have a referral to receive the Medicare rebate for your consultation and the Medicare and relevant private health cover for your procedure for surgery supported by Medicare (please see specific surgery type for more details).

Cosmetic surgery:
After your appointment, further written information will be provided about your planned procedure. We will also arrange and email a detailed quote for you including the surgeon fee, anaesthetic fee, hospital fee and any support garments required in your after care. This will also include a discussion regarding eligibility of your procedure for Medicare and private insurance rebate according to the Medicare rules. You will be encouraged to carefully consider this information and make a second appointment if you wish to proceed with surgery – this enables an opportunity to cover any questions that arise after your initial appointment and ensure your surgeon is comfortable that the planned surgery is tailored to your expectations.

Skin cancer surgery:
After your appointment, our team will arrange a time for your surgery, explain the fees, and advise any changes to your current medications required for the surgery. The surgeons of Plastic Surgery Central use “known gaps” which vary from $0-$200 depending on your insurance cover and the hospital chosen.

Request a call back

You can use this form to request a call back.
Please be aware that all surgical procedures require a consultation with our plastic surgeons to allow a thorough assessment and discussion of your specific needs.

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