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Breast reconstruction involves creating a new breast for those patients who have had all or part of the breast removed for breast cancer. Patients often choose to have this procedure to regain their body image, avoid the need to wear a breast prosthesis and allow the option to wear different types of clothing.

Breast reconstruction can involve several operations spaced over a period of time to create a new breast mound, a new nipple and a new areolar, although some patients choose not to undergo all of these. A breast can be reconstructed using a patient’s own tissues or breast implants or a combination of the two. These options will be discussed in detail during your consultation.

If you have had all or part of the breast removed for breast cancer (mastectomy) then you may be suitable for breast reconstruction surgery.

Individual suitability, type of surgery and expectations of outcome will be discussed with you during your consultation. You can be reassured that your plastic surgeon has access to all of the modern techniques to offer you.

A consultation with your plastic surgeon will enable personalisation of the procedure and care to your unique situation. If you have had all or part of the breast removed for cancer the procedure is rebatable under Medicare or private health insurance – you will require a referral from your family doctor to support this.

Surgery is usually booked under general anaesthetic in hospital to support your recovery. You will need to fast on the day of surgery, and organise a support person to take you home and be around to help in the first few days when you head home.

After surgery, it is normal to have some bruising and swelling in the area that will be most evident 1-2 days after surgery and mostly resolve over 2-3 weeks. You will need at least 2 weeks without driving, 2 weeks off for administrative jobs and duties and 6 weeks off physical jobs or activity (including gym or exercise). You will also need to wear a support bra to aid your recovery.

A post-operative appointment will be organised for you to see your plastic surgeon 1 week after surgery to check your wounds (dissolving sutures are used, so there are no stitches to remove), and provide advice to care for your scars as you recover – often you will have appointments every week or two for the first month so we can support your recovery.

All operations have risks, which are influenced by the type of breast reconstruction you choose. These risks and techniques to minimise them will be discussed during your consultation.

Breast reconstruction is covered under Medicare and private health insurance and is therefore partially rebatable. You will need a referral from your regular doctor for this.

After your consultation, a detailed quote will be provided to you including the surgeon fee, anaesthetic fee, hospital fee and any additional items.

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